The Evolution of the Digital World: Web 3.0, the Metaverse, and Cryptocurrencies Will Shape the Future of Marketing. African-Americans and Hispanics leading NFTs ownership

Digital technologies are rapidly advancing, ushering us into a new era. The web transformed from an informative place into a social hub with e-commerce opportunities where products, services and details of our lives are shared, accommodating almost every lifestyle. With the support of robust technologies, a young Web 3.0 – the third generation of internet […]

Hola To A New Scaling Opportunity: Penetrating A $2T Market Through Targeted Data-Based Branding

The difference between achieving your company’s goals and realizing its ultimate potential lies in your ability to scale. Growing a business is quite a challenge. However, scaling is a much bigger undertaking that requires original strategies, new avenues of marketing, and large, untapped target audiences. Potential target audiences are sometimes overlooked because they are simply […]

Caribbean Hispanics and Baseball: How to Connect In and Outside the U.S.

For brands who want to connect with Caribbean Hispanics in the U.S., baseball could represent the right platform to start a long-term consumer-brand relationship. Nearly one-third of all major league players are Latinos, including those born in Latin America and within the 50 U.S. states. The Dominican Republic has the highest number of players in […]

How El Nuevo Dia Caters to the Puerto Rican Diaspora in the U.S.

Cultural relevance is of prime importance for media to engage its target audience.  El Nuevo Dia Puerto Rico is an example of a culturally relevant media property, particularly for the more than 5 million Puerto Ricans living in the U.S. mainland. Portada talked to several executives at El Nuevo Dia to understand how it serves […]

Digo’s Augusto Romano on the Crucial Role of Media for Brands

Media buyers crave for brand safety and strong consumer connections. We talked with Augusto Romano, CEO Digo Hispanic Media, about the important role trustworthy media properties play for brands who want to substantially engage consumers in a brand safe environment. “During this time filled with all sorts of pandemics: health, racial, and fake news, we […]

Augusto Romano, CEO of DIGO Hispanic Media: “We Give Brands the Opportunity to Connect With a Neglected Segment of the Hispanic Population”

What: We talked to Augusto Romano, CEO of DIGO Hispanic Media, about him joining Portada’s Council System and his company’s unique offering.Why it matters: Caribbean Hispanics account for 16% of the U.S. Hispanic Population, but there aren’t many agencies addressing them as a separate segment.  Digo Hispanic Media is a company that was born when two of the […]